In 2015, The Frick Collection and the Ghetto Film School (GFS) launched The Frick Film Project, a pilot collaboration between the Bronx-based independent film organization and the celebrated museum. The initiative provides onsite education across two creative disciplines - the fine arts and the cinematic arts. 

Throughout the year, students in the Fellows Program at Ghetto Film School participate in seminars led by the Frick’s Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Xavier F. Salomon, and members of the Frick’s curatorial team. The seminars focus on the concept of narrative in the works of art in the museum’s collection and encourage the students to consider the visual arts in relation to their own storytelling and filmmaking. The program culminates with the creation of a student-produced short film inspired by the Frick and filmed on location at the museum. You can watch past GFS Frick Film Projects from 2016 - 2019 below.

"The Progress of Love" - 2016 GFS Frick Film Project

"Unfinished Piece - 2018 GFS Frick Film Project

"Little Things" - 2017 GFS Frick Film Project

"His Diana" - 2019 GFS Frick Film Project

This program presents a great opportunity for students to see art-making, and explore museums and galleries as a rich source material. Widening and diversifying the scope of their artistic inspiration, helps them think about their stories on a deeper level, and gain a bigger picture view of where they fit into a long history of storytelling in the art world.

The Frick Film Project has been an exciting and marvelous partnership between GFS and The Frick Collection. Together we foster and celebrate the astonishing talent and creativity of extraordinary individuals.


Xavier F. Salomon,

Frick’s Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator


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Visitors of all abilities are welcome to participate in Ghetto Film School’s programs. For information about accessibility, programs and services for visitors with disabilities at our three sites, email or call 


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