In 2020, Ghetto Film School and The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens embarked on a partnership to develop a pilot educational program, titled "Portraits In Light." Accessing Ghetto Film School’s renowned film production training, as well as onsite access to The Huntington’s collections spanning fine arts and humanities, "Portraits In Light" provided a unique and multidisciplinary storytelling opportunity to Ghetto Film School Fellows. 

GFS Fellows at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens

During the nine month course, twenty five Ghetto Film School Fellows worked closely with a curatorial team at The Huntington to develop original self portraits on video. Elee Wood, the director of education and public programs and Dennis Carr, chief curator of American Art, led tours and instruction stemming from the Fielding Collection of Early American Art, setting context for GFS Fellows to understand the ways in which art making and art objects capture and reflect the identity of the artist.  


After 100 hours of direct training in both fine and cinematic arts, each of the Fellows produced an original short film inspired by an object in the Fielding Collection of Early American Art.


"Portraits In Light" widens the lens through which GFS Fellows understand the craft of storytelling, utilize history as a crucial reference for defining themselves in the present, and develop personal relationships to major art institutions. Some examples of the students’ work can be found below. 

"Femme" by Kaile Bravo

"Ordinary" by Jade Gamez

"Eat Life" by Guinevere Alcaraz

"We Are Not Dirty Mexicans" by Erick Grajeda





"We couldn’t be more delighted with the exploratory year that we shared with the Ghetto Film School. We look forward to working more with their remarkable team and, most importantly, their brilliant, creative students.”

Elee Wood, Nadine and Robert A. Skotheim Director of Education and Public Programs at The Huntington.


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