Tuesday, September 29th, 5PM EST/2PM PST

Top leaders in the film festival circuit provide their insight on how Film Festivals are progressing forward in a virtual environment, expounding upon how festivals were impacted by the pandemic, how they have pivoted and what it means for festivals, filmmakers, especially POC, funders and distributors now and in the future.

October 2020

An overview of the current TV landscape with Development and Current Programming executives from FREEFORM, insights on what makes strong projects, as well as any relevant information on the current state of the TV industry in the age of Covid and post-Covid.


A virtual panel with TBWA/Chiat/Day talent and recruiters, to provide an overview of the current world of advertising. Some of the topics addressed:
- Overall overview of advertising industry: what it’s been, what we think it will become

- Key players of ad industry and ad agencies
- TBWA\Chiat\Day's organization  
- Relationship to clients
- Career path to land an advertising role 
- Creative positions specific to TBWA Young Blood program + Makers 

Joe Pichirallo’s career strategies talk is a very practical guide on how to launch careers and transition into the professional entertainment world. Based on Joe’s years of experience discovering new talent at places such as Fox Searchlight, Focus Features and HBO, he provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the talent discovery process works.  
Students and others are always asking:  How do I get my short film seen and my script read?  How do I land an entry level job in the industry? Joe’s talk provides specific strategies on how to achieve those goals.
Joe explains the common sense psychology involved in making connections with industry figures, such as agents and executives.  I offer a "do's" and "don't" approach on how to get your work in the right hands, in the right way. Joe's talk also seeks to demystify the process of networking and connecting with industry professionals. It is designed to make the process seem less daunting and to help students realize they are more in control of their destinies than they realize. Finally, Joe also examines the basic dynamics of how the industry works, and helps students understand their place in the "buyers" and "sellers" marketplace.

A fireside chat/conversation focused on how emerging writers of diverse backgrounds can position themselves to access writers’ rooms for available jobs, but also general advice about how to make the best out of the current situation, in order to be job ready when openings present themselves. 


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